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Wheel Block

The  Wheel block system is an advanced rail Mounted range designed for moving loads at variable speeds and is the ideal choice for most handing operations.

The wheel block travel units system is precision engineered for outatanding performance and minmal maintenance proven under full dynamic load tests. Stringent testing and multi-stage quality control ensures maximum safety and reliability under the toughtest service condition.

• Size ranges for wheel load up to 180 kN.

• Designed to allow for ease of maintenance insitu.

• Alloy steel(JIS- S45C )ravel wheel reduces friction between wheel flanges and rails giving less wear than normally encountered with other materials.

• Heavy duty steel housing protects the bearing assembly from damage and dirt.

• Torque arm, connecting parts and buffer are easily fitted.

• Rapid fitting and removal for all connection variants.

• The perfect match for the axle drive system.

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