Chain Hoist w/Low-Headroom Motorized Trolley(1,2,3,5 ton capacity available only)


■  THAC electric low headroom trolleys are designed for those applications where headroom is limited.

■  LT performance with the space saving of an integral trolley, it is deal for applications requiring a low headroom hoist and trolley combination.

■  These products minimize the ‘dead space” between the underside of the monorail track and the load point of the carrying hook.

■  This can be low as 360 mm for the 1 ton and 00 mm for the 5 ton hoist

■  Magnetic cone brake provides accurate and reliable stopping, even in the event of a total loss

■  Specially designed side roller system

■  Simple gear box construction

■  Minimum curve radius

■  Trolley wheels can be used on “I” or “H” beams and trolley can be adjustable for varying beam size

■  Push button switch come in a stand 4-button type (Up/Down/East/West) for monorail.

■  Both push and geared trolley versions are available to meet your specific requirements.

Specifications & Dimensions